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Art Tax :The art community fears that GST will hit the already struggling art market Written by Vandana Kalra | Published:May 20, 2017 6:05 am

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council that met in Srinagar has declared tax slabs and cesses for more than 1,000 items, and among them is art — a category that till now was exempted from VAT in some states, including West Bengal. In Rajasthan, the tax was much lower. The tax reform has listed it under the tax bracket of 12 per cent, including, among others, “paintings, drawings and pastels”, “original engravings, prints and lithographs”, “original sculptures and statuary in any material”…


Source:The Telegraph Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Source:The pioneer New Delhi Friday 28th March…

Bachhawats of Kolkata's Aakriti Art Gallery form Bachhawat Foundation By Ashoke Nag, ET Bureau | 19 Dec, 2013,

KOLKATA: The Bachhawats of Kolkata's well-known Aakriti Art Gallery have conceptualised and formed the Bachhawat Foundation. The foundation was recently launched. 

The Bachhawat Foundation proposes to conduct art residency programs for potential, creative artists of the new generation to promote their art so that they don't get…

Bachhawat Foundation :Promotion of art, aesthetics, culture and literature

An Art Center having Artist Residency,Art Camps,Publications and more.A perfect ambiance that an artist requires in a serene surrounding.Less then 20 km from the Kolkata Airport,30 minutes drive.

Being an integral part of the art world for more than two generations and profoundly…


Aakriti Art Gallery had started the GenNext series of exhibitions to focus on young artists, who, it thought, showed promise. Most of the participants of this particular show were born in the 1980s, with one of them, Nihaal Faizal, born as late as in the 1990s. In its sixth edition (up to October 15), GenNext shows every sign of maturity, manifested in not only more carefully chosen works but also better display as more space is available now…

Notice Board - Internship Call

Aakriti Art Gallery is seeking to recruit 2 Gallery Interns to join the team at an exciting time before a busy forthcoming exhibition and art fair period.


Location: Kolkata


Key Responsibilities will include:

  1. Responsible for the day-to-day running of the gallery, interacting with clients and facilitating all phases of the exhibition planning process. 
  2. Meet clients and receipt items for the relevant sale. Manage the gallery with assistance.  Monitor incoming and outgoing items.  Ensure that the gallery area is presentable at all times.
  3.  Deal with email enquiries.  Assist with photography and take additional photographs of items for clients and specialists.  Liaise with vendors and specialists to confirm sale estimates and reserves.
  4. Assist in the production of sale catalogues.  Upload relevant text and images to the various online sites.
  5.  Organise marketing and advertising in print and electronic media. Monitor web based advertising. Compose mass emails to clients in the run up to the auction. Understand and engage with social media in various forms.
  6. Manage the consignment of artworks and prepare the saleroom for exhibitions.  Assist specialists with all pre-exhibition enquiries.
  7.  Ensure that all gallery website content are monitored and kept up to date.  Assist with the break-down of the exhibition and the preparation for the sale day.
  8. Assist with invoicing and payment in the days following the sale. Assist with shipping and arrange postage and packaging for lower value items.
  9. The candidates are also expected to travel when and where required with gallery office work, shows or events  
  10. Assisting sales team and contributing to client database.



The Ideal Candidate will have:

  • Art background along with co-ordination, logistical organisational skills.
  • Excellent communication and delegation skills are essential.
  • Experience and knowledge of operating a wide variety of tools and machinery.
  • Computer literate all Microsoft office packages ideally, Photoshop.
  • Light art handling skills are a plus.
  • Proficient in languages, poses basic writing skills, solid interpersonal skills, excellent organizational skills,
  • Should be able to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Self – motivated, responsible and can work within a team structure.

These are immediate openings and the selected candidates will have to join immediately. To apply please send a covering letter and curriculum vitae to relation@artnewsnviews.com by 5th of August 2015.


Aakriti Art Gallery

(A unit of Chisel Craft Pvt Ltd)

 Orbit Enclave, First Floor

 12/3A, Picasso Bithi (Hungerford Street)

 Kolkata-700 017   


   +91 33 22893027

   +91 33 22895041

    Fax No

   +91 33 22895042


Exhibition : Engaging with Changing Landscape (01 July 2014 -10 July 2014)


See the Exhibition Online http://aakritiartgallery.com/exhibitionindetail.php?exid=96&exn...

at Bachhawat Estate, Madhupur, Barasat, organized by Bachhawat Foundation.

With abundant facilities in hand to host artist’s residencies at the Bachhawat Foundation and the added advantage of a print making studio in place, it is only natural that the foundation feels the need to activate the space with the presence of artist’s, and art activities. As an initial experiment towards hosting artist led workshops/residency program, one of the key motives of the space, the foundation approached Shri. Chhatrapati Dutta to Co-ordinate and conduct a three day residency-workshop during the above mentioned dates. The following is the proposal submitted by Mr. Dutta, based on which the event took place.


The existing site of the foundation – Badu - a quite hamlet in the north eastern fringe of greater Kolkata, lies in the vicinity of that part of our city where things are changing overnight. The seemingly inadvertent burgeoning of towering high-rises that have now begun to dominate the skyline here, replacing the open greens, is essentially a consorted and brutal insertion, led by raucous and well connected land-mongers. Given the rampant pace of this hideous change, which threatens to soon engulf the still pristine surroundings of Badu and its adjoining areas, makes it an important issue to be addressed as part of the initiative of the foundation.

All heedless urbanisaion is bound to have far reaching effects, hampering not only the immediate but beyond.

Erosion of life-sustaining greenery, bio-diverse water bodies, elemental canal systems and agrarian land, all of which are vital to the ecological sustenance of this region is fast depleting. On the other hand, having been pushed further away from the center and having lost their land and habitation; vast communities of people are being forced to alter their livelihood patterns. While adapting to and making a headway with life is not easy, poverty and the lure of the Coveted is fast giving rise to crime and violence within these communities, not to mention the trade in, in the hands of the powerful.


Essentially through the etching/s (for which all arrangements have been made, including technical assistance) and the other drawings/paintings/sculptural objects that will come about during the three day workshop-residency, the participating artists’ are requested to address the above issue/s in any fashion they desire.

Apart from the individual works and as part of a common exercise towards addressing the issue, all the participating artists are requested to engage with their additions, within a single canvas which will be pre-defined with an image. The individual artist’s contribution on the image is envisaged to create a collage of their individual desires of recalling/recreating/changing the present situation as depicted in the given image.

The participating artists would be :Arindam Chaterjee, Aditya Basak, Chandra Bhattacharya, Debasis Barui, Sankha Banerjee, Piyali Sadhukhan (Chakroborty), Saumik Chakroborty, Sekhar Roy, Amitava Dhar, Rajat Sen, Srikanta Paul, Rajen Mondal, Samindranath Majumdar & Chhatrapati Dutta.


Based on the above, the foundation made all arrangements and invited the above mentioned artists. Luckily all the artists were able to attend and the foundation is grateful to all the artists for their whole hearted participation.

Once the artists had congregated at the venue, a discussion was initiated, wherein the concept was elaborated by Chhtrapati Dutta. After an hour long interaction over tea and snacks, the entire artist’s group immediately got busy with their respective etching plates. An intense and energetic work-spree that merged night and day began. After three hectic days, not only were all the plates ready, the printing of six editions of each plate was nearly complete. Some of the artist’s also managed to do paper and canvas works addressing the issue, apart from the plates, within this time.

A grand feast was organized on the 25th night. As their respective works got done, the artist’s left one by one on the 26th.


Based on the etchings & Paintings made during the workshop and other works produced during and after, an exhibition titled ENGAGING WITH A CHANGING LANDSCAPE will be held from the 1st of July 2014 to 10th of July 2014 at the AAKRITI ART GALLERY. All are requested to attend.

The exhibition can be viewed from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm excepting Sundays and online at


Aakriti Art Gallery
Orbit Enclave, 1st Floor
12/3A, Hungerford Street
Kolkata – 700 017

Tel: 91 33 22893027/5041
Fax: 91 33 22895042
Email: aakritiartgallery@yahoo.com
Web: www.aakritiartgallery.com

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