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Notice Board - Internship Call

Aakriti Art Gallery is seeking to recruit 2 Gallery Interns to join the team at an exciting time before a busy forthcoming exhibition and art fair period.


Location: Kolkata


Key Responsibilities will include:

  1. Responsible for the day-to-day running of the gallery, interacting with clients and facilitating all phases of the exhibition planning process. 
  2. Meet clients and receipt items for the relevant sale. Manage the gallery with assistance.  Monitor incoming and outgoing items.  Ensure that the gallery area is presentable at all times.
  3.  Deal with email enquiries.  Assist with photography and take additional photographs of items for clients and specialists.  Liaise with vendors and specialists to confirm sale estimates and reserves.
  4. Assist in the production of sale catalogues.  Upload relevant text and images to the various online sites.
  5.  Organise marketing and advertising in print and electronic media. Monitor web based advertising. Compose mass emails to clients in the run up to the auction. Understand and engage with social media in various forms.
  6. Manage the consignment of artworks and prepare the saleroom for exhibitions.  Assist specialists with all pre-exhibition enquiries.
  7.  Ensure that all gallery website content are monitored and kept up to date.  Assist with the break-down of the exhibition and the preparation for the sale day.
  8. Assist with invoicing and payment in the days following the sale. Assist with shipping and arrange postage and packaging for lower value items.
  9. The candidates are also expected to travel when and where required with gallery office work, shows or events  
  10. Assisting sales team and contributing to client database.



The Ideal Candidate will have:

  • Art background along with co-ordination, logistical organisational skills.
  • Excellent communication and delegation skills are essential.
  • Experience and knowledge of operating a wide variety of tools and machinery.
  • Computer literate all Microsoft office packages ideally, Photoshop.
  • Light art handling skills are a plus.
  • Proficient in languages, poses basic writing skills, solid interpersonal skills, excellent organizational skills,
  • Should be able to work well under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Self – motivated, responsible and can work within a team structure.

These are immediate openings and the selected candidates will have to join immediately. To apply please send a covering letter and curriculum vitae to relation@artnewsnviews.com by 5th of August 2015.


Aakriti Art Gallery

(A unit of Chisel Craft Pvt Ltd)

 Orbit Enclave, First Floor

 12/3A, Picasso Bithi (Hungerford Street)

 Kolkata-700 017   


   +91 33 22893027

   +91 33 22895041

    Fax No

   +91 33 22895042



"We and Thoughts"

by Vishwa Abhikrishna

We are surrounded by the thoughts. These thoughts give birth to our intention; on the one hand thoughts are the basis of intention and on the other intention creates our personality. During this process the consciousness­­ of a person becomes the main energy source of the building of personality.

A person's mind and heart are the most sensitive areas in his body & personality. These are the main pillars of body's whole laboratory, with different sense- be it smell, sight, sound, taste or touch- providing the continuous stream of thoughts, the thoughts mingle with biological chemicals working on the energy of consciousness.

These thoughts and chemicals both affect each-other. As the result of it our heart and mind receive some feelings in forms of thought. To build a healthy personality one has to be continuously conscious of these feelings. It is important to keep watch on these thoughts during one's whole journey of life.

A wise scrutiny can only give a meaningful feeling because the heart is the emotional field ofa person, our feelings are controlled by this field and they affect whole life-journey. They work as ours in the making of the personality and these feelings provide us a balance and the juice of life on the face of our life with these feelings we retain a kind of objectivity while passing through the life. This objectivity is our confidence which feeds internal energy and work as a propeller towards the direction of the goal.

This objectivity is the blades of the propeller of contentment in life, which takes our consciousness shrouded in a personality towards a certain act. Only the well-defined-healthy personality's feeling can become the feeling of the divinity of life in our heart. These feeling only can activate each and every part of our body's laboratory.

The energy in its different modes works in a certain rhythm, the changes brought by them is the speed of life's development. In its totality these are the processes of continuous life, and that's how the life finds its ultimate meaning in the most clear of terms.

That's the main reason; the physical appearance of today's human is quite different from the older times. During a long period of history the human-being developed both mentally as well as physically. That's why one should watch one's short comings in order to develop.

Only then can the life process find a clear and beautiful direction. The darkness of our life is also a hidden stream of the river of life. This darkness, in its other form comes out and illuminates the life.

Darkness and light, the two opposite forms of same energy pass through the invisible transparency that is the process-relative functional situation which is beyond the matter. These norms and processes are being guided by the centre of the infinite and the possibilities are happening in this entire endless-space and we are the spirit of life as human beings on the surface of earth. In this process, through nature our intellectual development is still going on.

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